There is a password reset feature available on the screen where you log in. If you are still having trouble the administrator of your competition can also reset your password for you. If you are not sure who that is, you can email, let them know the name of the competition you are trying to log into and our support team will reset it for you.

Each participant, when logged into a competition website can change their email and/or sms notification settings. Just click on your name at the top right of screen, then click on the ‘my account’ link and you are able to change your contact information and your notification settings.

Each tipping website has its own unique URL/domain name that is supplied to you by the competition administrator. These are always a sub domain of If you cant locate a particular tipping website feel free to email our support team and we will attempt to guide you in the right direction. Email:

The most common cause of constantly seeing an error message on a tipping page has to do with internet browser caching. Firstly try to refresh your browser and if that does not work you may need to clear your browser cache. If you try this and you are still getting an error message try to access the site from a different device. If you try this and are still getting an error message please email our support team and we will trouble shoot with you. Email:

Each tipping website is configured with numerous security protocols designed to keep the site secure and protect users information. On occasions security software will make a mistake and wrongly tag a website or webpage as unsecure. If you ever experience this please email our support team to let them know and we will contact the security software provider and request them to remove the warning message. Email: