• Tips can only be entered via the Funters website using the submission form provided.
  • Funters will determine the times that submissions open and close and reserve the right to change these times without notice.
  • Once tips have been submitted, they cannot be changed.

Personal Information

  • When submitting your name and email address to Funters you agree to:
    • Receive email correspondence and mobile text messages from Funters or Funters related organisations.
    • Having your name and tips displayed publicly on the Funters website.
  • Funters also reserves to the right to use your name and your competition results on our website, social media and email communication.

Winners and Prizes

  • Points will be allocated to participants based on the following
    • Selected correct match winner – 1 point
    • Selected correct match margin – 2 points
    • The last match of the round is worth double points.
  • In the event of a tie Funters will use the total points scored in the last match to determine the final winners. The nearer you are to the total points scored the higher you will finish amongst the tied entrants.
  • If there is still a tie Funters will allocate the higher position to the entrant that got their tips in earlier.
  • Winners will be contacted by email notifying them that they have been declared as a winner.
  • Funters may choose to award prizes to entrants for their results and reserves the right to change prizes without notice.
  • Some prizes may be delivered and some prizes may need to be picked up by the winner or someone nominated by the winner from a specific location, at the discretion of Funters.
  • Cash prizes will be paid by direct deposit to a bank account nominated by the winner after being contacted by Funters.
  • Funters reserves the right to decide the winners at its own discretion for any reason it chooses.


  • If you are unsure of anything or require clarification please contact Funters: